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Support the Aztec Museum & Pioneer Village

Members help sustain the museum while enjoying many benefits throughout the year.

All Members receive:

  • Free admission to the Aztec Museum & Pioneer Village
  • Members-only newsletter
  • Voting privileges for the Board of Directors

Membership Levels

Individual/Family: $25/YR

When a married couple belongs to the Aztec Museum Association, both husband and wife shall have voting privileges.

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Lifetime: $500

Life members are those who contribute $500 or more in any one fiscal year, becoming members for life.

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Honorary Member

Honorary life members are those who out of consideration for extraordinary service to the Aztec Museum Association − who are nominated by the association’s Board of Directors and approved by the general membership at an official meeting − shall be designated honorary life members. They need not pay annual membership dues.

Patron Level: $100/YR

Patron members are like the individual/family level of sponsorship: Both husband & wife shall have voting privileges. This is for members who would like to give more than the minimum.

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Annual membership dues are renewed in January. Reminders are sent out at the end of the year with Board of Directors election ballots. Non-renewing members will be sent a reminder invoice and will be dropped from membership if payment is not received, or upon request.

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